Court, Gym, and Turf time is hard to come by in Des Moines these days.  That is why we decided to build Gym Space!  We offer nearly 11,000 square feet of rentable space in a prime location on the west side of Des Moines.  If you are an individual, a coach, or administrator of a league, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your needs now and into the future. Gym Space strives to be the most player friendly, coach accomodating, and wallet pleasing location in Central Iowa!  Please contact us at for a private tour today.  

Baseball/Soccer Area

Tired of the old Des Moines' standard birthday locations?  Visit Gym Space to see how versatile our facility can be.  Music, games, TV's, sports... what more could you want? 

Waukee's Premier Practice Facility

We offer almost 2000 square feet of turfed and netted area with retractable netting to meet your team's needs. From long toss, pitching, tee time, soccer shooting, or just fundamentals, we've got you covered! 

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Gym Space, LLC

Premier Practice Space in Waukee, Iowa

Party Rental


2 Elementary Courts...

1 NBA Court...

10 Hoops... 4 Adjustable... 

3 Volleyball Courts...

Freedom to run your practice the way you want... Priceless!